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Imagine being able to speak directly with top developers who are actually building her business with attraction marketing and YOU having the opportunity to pick their brain to see exactly how they do it, so you can model for your company…

Well, this is actually a request we have gotten from previous customers of ours.

  • Love the theory
  • Love the strategy
  • and Love the idea of never having to cold prospect ever again!

But would like to see a real life example of how someone has succeeded and used it in a REAL business!

The funny thing is that up until a few weeks ago, it would have been impossible to do this, since most 6 and 7-figure earners tend to be very busy, strictly guard their time and charge at least $500 to $1000 per hour for their time.

What a Stay-at-Home Mom from Rural Utah with ZERO Tech Skills Can Teach You About Success in Network Marketing...

After doing a little thinking, 2 weeks ago I finally figured out a way to:

  • Give you inside access into the business of a stay-at-home mom from rural Utah who went from ZERO tech skills & network marketing failure to multiple 6-figures in less than 3 years, using Attraction Marketing…
  • And as a HUGE BONUS, I’ve also been able to secure the time of an Attraction Marketing coach and enrollment expert to support you…
  • Without you needing to front thousands of dollars in consulting fees!

How am I doing this?

Well, meet Brandy Shaver...

Brandy is the non-techy Stay-at-Home mom whom 3 years ago had not only failed in network marketing, but had gotten herself into $40,000 in-debt buying inventory to artificially rank advance and had the car she “won” for achieving a certain rank repossessed, plus she had run out of people to talk to in her small town of 5,000.

After spamming her company links all over social media and failing again, she finally stumbled upon the strategies inside the Attraction Marketing Formula.

And over the past 3 years Brandy has…

  • Passively attracted a following of over 73,000 people on social media…
  • Passively attracted & enrolled 2987 paying customers on auto-pilot…
  • Passively attracted & enrolled 8 top earners onto her team including 6 six-figure and 2 seven-figure earners

And as a result, she now has the fastest growing team in a multiple $100 Million health & wellness network marketing company!

I Called in a Favor for YOU

I recently asked Brandy if she’d be willing to walk us through how she used Attraction Marketing and what she does in her business on a daily basis and record it for us, as a training video course and she said, ‘YES’!

Now due to the passive nature of how Brandy has automated the ‘prospecting’ part of her business, we aptly named this video training course...

The Passive Prospecting Formula

Inside the Passive Prospecting Formula, you’re going to learn…

  • How Brandy puts her message in front of millions of people every day and passively attracts hundreds of prospects, via a powerful yet seldomly used hidden feature inside of Facebook and Instagram.
  • You’re also going learn how Brandy gets dozens of these prospects every single day to ’self-invite’ themselves and request to talk to her about her business.
  • And you’re gonna get the process she follows when talking to them, which virtually guarantees that 80% of the people she talks to will become either a paying customer or new team member.

(Ironically, she never mentions or pitches her company on these calls!)

Specifically, here are the modules in the Passive Prospecting Formula...

  • Module 1: Setting Up Your Profile & Business Page for Success
  • Module 2: Building a Qualified Prospect List
  • Module 3: Creating the "Self-Invite" Facebook Post
  • Module 4: Easy Messenger Follow-Up Scripts
  • Module 5: The "80% Close" Enrollment Conversation
  • Module 6: Connecting Your Prospect to the Right Resources
  • Module 7: PRO TIP - Adding Automation for Leverage
  • Bonus Module: Building Your Second Stream of Income

Imagine being able to have dozens of pre-qualified prospect conversations, pre-scheduled on your calendar every single week, before you’ve spoken to anyone!

And imagine never having to cold prospect a single person ever again - online or offline - and put the prospecting on auto-pilot, using some cool new features in Facebook and Instagram few networkers know about.

That’s what you get with the Passive Prospecting Formula.

And while this video series has never been released since it’s so brand new, we are looking to retail this video course at $497… but for today only, you can get the Passive Prospecting Formula at this special Attraction Marketing customer-only discount for just $97!

Plus Take Action Now and You’ll Get These Extra Bonuses worth $1,791.00

And REMEMBER just for today, when you get the Passive Prospecting Formula you will get these exclusive Attraction Marketing customer only bonuses completely FREE…

The first I mentioned above already...

Bonus #1

Attraction Marketing Expert Coaching Calls ($194 Value)

This includes 2 sessions with a bonafide digital network marketing expert and master enroller, who will show you how Attraction Marketing and the Passive Prospecting Formula - a REAL BUSINESS WALKTHROUGH by Brandy, can be applied to your specific business.

Normally our coaches may charge up to $97 per call, but you get 2 FREE today.

Bonus #2

Brandy’s Enrollment Scripts ($1,000 Value)

This is a 3-page ‘Jedi-level’ question-based process guiding you through every word and syllable of your conversations with your highly interested prospects, so that you enroll with confidence and ease!

This is something Brandy has only previously shared with our high-end clients who each paid $10,000 and above to be a part of her live Enrollment Conversation Training at our live workshops, but this is yours FREE today as well.

Bonus #3

Building Your Second Stream of Income ($497 Value)

This is the hidden opportunity that Brandy unlocked, which allowed her to have the people who DID NOT join her business to pay for her autoship, advertising, business expenses and so much more!

It sounds impossible, but in this 12 minute video Brandy shows you how she got paid to build her prospect list! No joke!

And if you’re still not absolutely sure this is perfect for you, let me take on all the risk…

Try It And Love It... Or You Pay Nothing!

If you try out the Passive Prospecting Formula and don’t absolutely love it, just send us a note and we will get every penny you paid refunded back to you.

And whatever knowledge or insight you might have gained from the course... well at least - I hope - it was worth your time reviewing the training.

Yes, I want to take advantage of this special one-time only opportunity to get the Passive Prospecting Formula right now!

Here's Everything You Get...

  • 7 Powerful Modules on How Brandy Passive Prospects Hundreds per Day! ($497 Value)
  • Bonus: Attraction Marketing Expert Coaching Calls ($194 Value)
  • Bonus: Brandy’s Enrollment Scripts ($1,000 Value)
  • Bonus Module: Building Your Second Stream of Income ($497 Value)

These special bonuses and Attraction Marketing customer-only pricing are not available anywhere else.

Total Value $2,288.00

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